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  • Jess Levasham (Friday, February 01 19 08:51 pm GMT)

    Our hens are amazing, they've continued to lay throughout the winter. Can't wait to come and choose another 3 to add to our little flock when your new ones arrive :)

  • phil (Wednesday, November 21 18 02:46 pm GMT)

    Just wanted to say what a well structured and informative website you have. Thank you.

  • Carolien C (Friday, April 14 17 09:18 am BST)

    Hi Sarah,
    Really good to meet you yesterday, and just wanted to let you know the hens have settled well into their new home. The cockerel (Sherman) was beside himself this morning with the appearance of such a bevy of beauties - he was dancing around all over the place strutting his stuff!
    Thanks again, and we might just see you in the summer for a few more!

    All the best

  • Karen Porter (Monday, April 10 17 07:29 am BST)

    We picked up our 3 beautiful girls on 8.04.2017 at 16:00 Ethel (speckled Marian) laid her first egg the following morning! Doris (skyline) is very sweet natured and Blanche (goldmine) is definitely the bossy one......They have all settled in well, and show no concern towards our 3 dogs . Thank you

  • Steve Pollard (Saturday, March 04 17 10:44 am GMT)

    The chickens seem great! You were very professional and helpful. We usually buy our hens from Hatherleigh, but I reckon we'll come back to you again.

    Yes, one can cheaper chickens at the market, but it takes a whole morning, it's pot luck what's going to be there and you have no idea of their provenance.

    I liked how straightforward it was buying from you. There was an amazing selection to choose from, and it was perfect for us to be able to see the chickens walking about and take home exactly which ones took our fancy.
    It was also evident how well looked after the chickens were.

  • Lesley and Marcus (Tuesday, February 28 17 01:02 pm GMT)

    Hi Sarah, It was great to come to your farm on Saturday to buy hens. Your set-up is lovely and there was so much choice!
    The children loved being able to pick their favourite hens out. Thank you for taking time to go through everything.
    see you for the next ones!

  • Lynn Cardwell (Friday, August 26 16 03:00 pm BST)

    I brought 2 new girls home yesterday lunchtime 25 Aug. One has been very restless. Moving homes is very stressful so I thought nothing of it, she'll settle. This afternoon, I looked up from my paper
    to see Number 1 hen coming through the patio door. She came in, stood directly in front of me, looked me in the eye. She was asking for help. After trying to get into the multi fuel stove, I knew she
    was after a nest box. Took her to one I prepared with 3 china eggs in, and I see she has laid a dinky 'wind' egg - size of a small walnut. Clever girl. Who says hens are stoopid!

  • Imogen Rose (Monday, July 25 16 02:40 pm BST)

    We loved the experience of coming to your farm and choosing our eight hens. Really appreciate the time you took to help us learn what they all were and help us choose them.. left the chasing to you!
    They are all settled in amazingly well, after you telling us about putting them onto their perch at night and having to train them to do that, we went over to their pen on the first evening and we
    couldn't believe it but they had ALL gone to bed on their perch in a cosy row of eight!

    Great hens, and a great service.

    Thanks so much :)

  • Lesley (Monday, July 11 16 11:17 am BST)

    We are really pleased with our hens, they have settled in really well. and I have fallen in love with them in the first two days we have had three eggs which we didn't expect, we thought they would
    need to settle down first.

  • Shirley (Thursday, May 19 16 01:31 pm BST)

    To let you know we are DELIGHTED with our pullets. We are already getting a supply of 3 or 4 berry sized beautiful flavor eggs. The girls are very quiet and friendly . Thankyou .


  • John White (Tuesday, February 09 16 01:32 pm GMT)

    We are delighted you had plenty of hens over the winter months after our poor flock was taken by the fox leaving just one lonely one. They settled in well too. Cheers

  • Polly Potter (Friday, July 17 15 04:12 pm BST)

    Collected 2 Skyline girls last night. They are settling well and enjoying exploring their new home. Very inquisitive birds, they're already quite friendly and approachable. We've noticed that they
    run keeping their heads low ... almost like a pheasant. We were spoiled for choice, all the hens were absolutely lovely, and in great condition. We've been keeping pet hens for a while now, and would
    recommend Weeke Farm as a source of hybrid chucks ... Sarah is knowledgeable and obviously cares about her birds' welfare and happiness.

  • claire (Monday, June 08 15 09:50 am BST)

    Got home safely with my 4 hens. Thank-you for spending the time with us, your farm your chickens and you guys are amazing.

  • Holly and Simon (Tuesday, October 14 14 10:27 pm BST)

    Hi Sarah

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help yesterday.

    Thelma and Louise and Josephine seem remarkably chilled - they settled into their house yesterday with no fuss and this morning they are enjoying exploring their outdoor area!

    Hoping it all continues as smoothly!

  • Christine and Andrew (Thursday, July 24 14 11:40 am BST)

    Dear Sarah
    We bought three Columbian Blacktails on the longest, and hottest, day, and are absolutely delighted with them! We have had eggs from day one, and they are so entertaining to watch and be around. The
    two (ever so slightly)younger ones are particularly friendly and inquisitive and they have all settled into their new home really well. Thank you :)

  • Val Hoare (Friday, June 27 14 08:16 pm BST)

    Dear Sarah
    I thought you might be amused to know an amber hen laid a little egg on the way home! It was a bit cracked but usable. They are safely in the house now.
    Many thanks

  • Andrew berwick (Wednesday, June 11 14 10:48 am BST)

    We collected our 5 girls and hector the cockerel on 7/6/14, all have settled in well and we have had 6 eggs so far. Both Boys enjoy hearing hector in the morning and dash up the garden to check for

  • Jackie Hills (Monday, May 26 14 07:32 pm BST)

    Dear Sarah
    Thought you would like to know that the six hens I bought from you on 17 April started laying on 2nd May - 2 eggs. They have been going steadily 2 or 3 a day ever since and yesterday I had 5 eggs and
    again today. They have settled in well and I will get my son to take some pics.
    Kind regards

  • Brian & Jennifer (Monday, May 19 14 06:59 pm BST)

    beautiful girls,
    our first egg already, only picked them up on Saturday xx

  • Farlands Farm (Monday, May 19 14 06:57 pm BST)

    We bought four hens from Sarah and Anthony, being new to chicken keeping Sarah was happy to spend the time giving us all the info needed.
    We got home with the hens early evening and locked them up for the night, the next morning they were very happy to explore their new run and as a bonus one decided to lay an egg!
    We can't recommend Sarah and Anthony highly enough, friendly people who know and care about what they do. Having been to other farms in Devon I would suggest not wasting your time with them and just
    go and visit these guys who have everything you will need.

  • Clare and Dan (Monday, March 31 14 10:05 pm BST)

    Hi Sarah -

    I have sent you a couple of pictures of our 6 girls in their new home. They've settled in quite the thing, and the bigger of the two Columbian Blacktails has obligingly started laying already. I can
    quite honestly say I've never been so excited in my life as when I found the first egg on Sunday - quite tiny, but delicious.

    The dog is somewhat less impressed with the whole affair and has duly electrocuted himself a number of times on the fence. The hens seem entirely unperturbed by his efforts at intimidation and are
    clearly in possession of the upper hand at this stage.

    You'll see from the pics that the cabbage-on-a-string game is going down a storm today - I thought they'd completely ignore it but they seem to think it's the best fun ever.

    Thanks so much for all your help and advice. We're totally charmed by our little flock and I can see how it will rapidly become an obsession!

    All best

  • Dave and Sue Simpkins (Saturday, March 29 14 02:13 pm GMT)

    I've kept hens for years and these are the best that I have seen for sale for some time. Really healthy and bright.
    Thanks Sarah, we'll be back.

  • Claire and Bob (Saturday, March 22 14 08:56 am GMT)

    We are delighted with our hens, they are happy and healthy, week one 10 eggs.
    Sarah you gave us an excellent service,we will be back.

  • Ginnie and Sophie (Tuesday, March 11 14 11:22 am GMT)

    Dear Sarah,

    Just to say you did a very good job in selecting the hen, she is LOVELY, has clued on quickly to all the advantages she can have, she is laying well and making us laugh a lot , so ‘thank you’. She
    comes immediately she is called, likes dog walks and refuses to eat unless food is served in a little bowl!

    Ginnie and Sophie.

  • Nathan (Tuesday, March 11 14 11:10 am GMT)

    The birds I bought from you are healthy and strong, so thank you.


  • Helen (Monday, November 11 13 03:55 pm GMT)

    Wow, your jams are amazing!

  • John (Saturday, November 02 13 07:20 pm GMT)

    Thanks for providing a blue haze with ginger. She looks good for breeding to me. I'm also pleased with the white rangers - much calmer than I expected. Pleasure to do business with you.

  • Judi Armstrong & Family (Monday, October 21 13 02:27 pm BST)

    Hi Sarah,
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for our lovely girls. They have made a wonderful addition to our family. We named our Rhode Rock, Cleo, and she has such a lovely gentle nature. The children have
    wonderful cuddles with her! She started laying about 6 weeks after we got her from you and her eggs are lovely, large and tasty! She's settled in beautifully. Thanks to your demonstration and advice,
    we have been able to confidently clip and position our girls to "smite" them. In fact our 10 year old son is now the main man for this job!
    We are delighted with your chickens, service, advice, oh, and your delicious meringues & Jam!!

  • Judi Armstrong & Family, Plymouth (Monday, October 21 13 02:26 pm BST)

    Hi Sarah, Our white ranger from you was quickly renamed the "Lone Ranger" by the children! She mixes with our other three chickens but does seem to have a preference for her own company whilst free
    ranging. She is a beautiful bird with a very pretty fan tail, and lays lily-white eggs. She started laying very quickly after we got her from you which we were delighted about.She is a real
    character, and can run! It can be hilarious with us all trying to catch her!! However, once we do have her, she loves nothing more than to sit on our laps in the armchair by the bookcase and be loved
    and cuddled and stroked. Thank you again for our lovely girls.See you soon!

  • Judy Lattersham (Wednesday, October 02 13 09:33 pm BST)

    This is a real family business and Sarah took the time to explain everything we needed to know about getting hens for the first time. Couldn't believe how many hens they had for sale - plenty to
    choose from.

  • Jayne Heron (Wednesday, September 18 13 02:48 pm BST)

    Thanks for the hens, great service and even your little boy helped catch the chickens – so funny lol!
    Glad we made the trip up from Truro.

  • Joan Barclay (Wednesday, September 18 13 02:38 pm BST)

    You have a really great selection of hens, really healthy and happy. So pleased we found you - was worth the drive.
    Doris, Mavis and Bet have settled in well with our 13 others and are looking wonderful. Looking forward to those first pullet eggs! Thanks so much - Joan

  • Sara Tythe (Wednesday, August 28 13 09:37 pm BST)

    Hi Sarah, thanks so much for the fab hens we got last week. Trixie (the skyline) has even started laying lovely blue eggs - hooray! Will send you some pics soon and we'll be back for more once we've
    extended the run.

  • Bob and Dianne Clarke, Weymouth (Wednesday, August 28 13 09:34 pm BST)

    You have the most amazing and healthy selection of hens and we're delighted with the 8 we picked up last month. The new hens settled in brilliantly with the old ones - the only problem is the names
    that the grand children have come up with!

  • alan flett (Monday, June 24 13 10:05 am BST)

    having picked up my hens which were held back whilst I was on hols they started laying the next day,they are human friendly and very good natured. A good choice.

  • lee and emma (Monday, May 20 13 04:14 pm BST)

    monday 20th may 2013
    thank you so much for our hens today as were first timers your advice was great i will upload some pictures to your facebook page once they have settled

  • Sam Bastin (Sunday, May 05 13 12:21 am BST)

    Thanks loads for helping us get started. Our three hens, Dave, Sheila and Lava are doing well and seem happy enough. Will definitely be back soon

    Sam, Sarah and Molly

  • Gerry and Jill Adams (Sunday, April 28 13 08:11 pm BST)

    Hi guys,
    The chickens survived the ride home in the Volvo to Wales!
    We have called ours Dotty, Betty and Amber. They have settled well in Wales but cant understand the accent !!They have produced 4 eggs already.
    Enjoy following your blogs, the tips are great. Good luck with the farm.

  • Bill Stevens (Tuesday, April 16 13 09:35 pm BST)

    This is just where you want to buy you hens from. Not some mass uninterested distribution centre interested only in taking your hard earned cash. A family farm, real people who care about what is
    happening. A pleaseure to deal with, refreshing. Will be back for more.

  • John Blackmore (Tuesday, April 09 13 11:01 am BST)

    Fabulous selection of hens and all looking really happy.
    Blacky, Star and Mavis have settled in well in our garden and enjoying scratching about for worms!

  • Holly Carter (Tuesday, April 09 13 11:00 am BST)

    Dear Sarah,
    Just to let you know that we got our first egg, ever, from lovely speckledy hen, on Easter Day! Too cold yesterday for a repeat performance, but the sun is shining now so who knows....
    Kindest regards,

  • Holly Carter (Friday, April 05 13 04:43 pm BST)

    Dear Sarah,
    We did get them, very easily, into their coop. They started with a tiny run (we'd only planned for three chickens but got over excited!), but this weekend, in artic conditions, we constructed a 13
    x10 ft run - for use when they not free ranging in the garden. They were very excited, and even flew a bit! But today is simply too cold - and despite big run opportunity they are resolutely sitting
    inside their coop - can't say I blame them!!!

    We are smitten - and eagerly awaiting our first egg!

    Kindest regards,Holly

  • Jen Fielding (Friday, March 15 13 04:35 pm GMT)

    Hi, what an amazing selection of hens you have, such a shame we can only house 4! The girls have settled in well.
    Thanks again.

  • Hannah Gordon (Thursday, February 28 13 01:49 pm GMT)

    Thanks so much for our lovely new hens, they're settling in really well and enjoying the leftovers from the veg patch before we dig it over in spring! We called them Bunty (Blue Haze), Gillian
    (Goldline) and Susan (Skyline). Thanks again, I think we'll be back later in the spring. Hannah

  • Jenny Kidd (Wednesday, February 27 13 02:05 pm GMT)

    Hi, the new girls are all doing well, the Skyline (Marmalade) has surprised us all by being very friendly and cuddly. Lily (white ranger) is proving true to her breed by being a complete scatter
    brain, she is very funny to watch, perhaps we should of called her Road runner. lol
    Thank you for providing us with such lovely new girls.

  • Jane Trotter (Monday, November 12 12 04:17 pm GMT)

    My skyline lays blue eggs - yippee! :) Thank you so much!

  • Ed Gibson (Wednesday, October 31 12 08:17 pm GMT)

    Thanks for your hens on Saturday, was really impressed by what you have.
    The barred rock is a spirited bird, puts up some fight when I push them out in the morning to their run.
    Would love a couple of skylines in the spring time if you have some then.
    Thanks Ed

  • Helen Thomas (Monday, October 29 12 05:12 pm GMT)

    Hi Sarah and Anthony, just a quick message to let you know the hens are enjoying their new home at the end of our garden. I'm enjoying their company too, they've been helping me clear the old plants
    off the veggie patch! Thanks, Helen

  • Julia Staverton (Friday, October 26 12 04:11 pm BST)

    Thanks so much for the hens, they have all settled in to their new coop here brilliantly. The kids really love Goldie, the goldline, and Henny Penny, the Light Sussex. thanks again, will be back in
    the spring :)

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