Skyline (Cream Legbar Hybrid/Devon Blue hybrid) £23 each

Background: Skylines are a cream legbar hybrid and about 80% of Skylines produce the coveted blue/green egg whilst others produce pastel coloured eggs.

Personality: Skylines enjoy foraging, so room to range is a must to keep these inquisitive hens amused and happy. They are quite timid as young pullets although, once tamed, they are lovely friendly hens. 


Appearance: Skylines are pretty hens with lovely colourings and often a bouffant crest behind their comb. As with many hybrids, appearance and plumage colouration can vary from chestnut to cream to grey. (Some skylines do not have crests, so if it's important to you that yours does, please let us know when you contact us.) 


Eggs: The Skyline is a productive egg layer, rewarding her keeper with 250 coloured eggs in her first year of lay.

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