White Ranger (Snow White/White Star/White Leghorn hybrid) £15 each

Background: The White Ranger is a smaller bodied hybrid hen  with a big tail, based on the popular Leghorn. Known as the "credit crunch hen" they eat less but lay big eggs!

Personality: They are inquisitive and intelligent birds which will keep you amused as they are real characters. They adapt well to most situations and being able to range is a must but can be flighty and timid with humans when young. They mix well with other breeds and keep out of pecking order squabbles.


Appearance: They are pure white birds and, once mature, they have a large red comb flopping to one side.


Eggs: The White Ranger is a prolific egg layer, rewarding her keeper with 300 to 320 large white eggs in her first year of lay. 

White Ranger hens are £15 each.

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