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COVID 19 update


In accordance with the strict Government Guidance , we remain open as we are classed as an 'essential business' (pet shop, selling eggs and livestock feed and supplies).  Additionally, we have had verbal communication with DEFRA which has confirmed that there are a number of reasons to allow us to continue to sell hens for egg production with their primary concern, unsurprisingly,  being livestock welfare. In addition DEFRA has also confirmed that we are an 'essential business' alongside government guidance so we can continue to sell hens.


Based on our discussions with DEFRA and our regular research online to ensure that there are no breach of rules, we remain open by appointment with extremely strict procedures in place to allow our customers,  and us, to stay safe. Please see below for information on how supplies and hens can be purchased. 



We have new pullets available every 4 weeks but due to coronavirus and the demand rising incredibly, all of our May birds are sold out and our June, July and August birds have now all been reserved. We are now collating a reservation list for September birds. We cannot sell birds sooner and we do not sell chicks. 


To be added to the waiting list for September list please email us on info@weekefarmdevon.co.uk with the number of hens required and your telephone number. Please read the important details below for information on how collection of hens will happen.


Collection of hens, feed, supplies and payment 
Importantly, our daughter has epilepsy and has increased seizures with high temperatures and illness so we cannot risk her catching this from customers, through us. We are taking this very seriously and we expect any visitors to our home/farm to do the same, in accordance with current guidelines.
One month before the hens are ready, we will email all customers on the reservations list to see whether they still require hens. One week before, we will telephone customers to make appointments and arrange payment. This will be done in the order that people phoned and reserved the hens to give those people who reserved the hens first to get an opportunity to come and collect their hens first so, depending where you are on the order list, choice may be limited on the breeds available. As the breakdown of the breeds of hens available to us sometimes varies, we cannot guarantee breeds to any customers, so it will be first come first served. 
We will invoice you ahead of collection via email and we will require a BACS payment with cleared funds in advance (we don't have a card machine, we are not handling cash and we don't offer credit). If for any reason you are unable to come after making payment or you do not like the choice of hens available, we will reimburse you, as applicable.
In order for us to be able to keep a safe distance from our customers, you will not be able to choose the individual hens. We are really sorry as we know that this is an important part of the process of buying/choosing hens for you. Only one person is to collect the hens from our farm/get out of your car. 
We cannot have any contact with your boxes or crates (there's no point doing electronic payment if we then handle your pet carriers) so we have purchased pet carrier cardboard boxes which are comfortably large enough for up to 3 hens (these boxes are here and are in quarantine). When you arrive, we will let you know which breeds are available (holding up a list and talking through a closed car window works surprisingly well!), we will catch the hens for you while you wait in your car. We will show you the before we put them into your box and we will then leave the hens in the box(es) next to the boot of your car so that you can get out and put the hens in your boot yourself while we stand back! We have bought the pet carriers in bulk and have searched for the cheapest suitable ones we can get. They are £1.50 inc VAT each (which is less than they cost us) and can fit up to 3 hens comfortably. We will add this cost to your invoice. 
We are sometimes asked if we "could just use our box", "just use our crate" etc. We are sorry but we cannot do this, no exceptions.
We will wear gloves for handling hens/boxes/supplies. 
We are really sorry that we wont be able to give you our usual personalised chatty service. There is a lot of advice on this website here especially about how to introduce new hens to an established flock but if you can't find the info you need, please phone or email us.
It goes without saying that you must not come to our home/farm if you have any symptoms of coronavirus. We need to protect our daughter and our family. Thank you for your understanding.  
Thank you to all of our customers for their patience and understanding during these worrying times.
Stay safe.
Sarah and Ant

Here at Weeke Farm, Spreyton, Devon, we have an exciting selection of fully vaccinated, point of lay hybrid chickens for sale - click on Point of lay chickens for photos and descriptions on each type of hybrid and information on keeping hens.


Our Shop is fully stocked with all the equipment you need for your chickens including feeders, drinkers, bedding, care products and feed.


We are a family business and we are proud of the personalised service that we offer to all of our customers.  We can spend about half an hour with you teaching you about how to look after your hens, if you'd like us to,  while you mingle amongst the flock of hens and choose your favourites. Dont worry, we will catch them for you! Alternatively,  we can have them caught ready for you on arrival, if you'd prefer. We're open all year round, 7 days a week (including weekends and evenings), whatever time of day that's suitable to you - so long as it's light! Please give us a call on 01363 82795 (between 8am and 9pm) to arrange coming to choose your hens. Please do telephone us first, don't just turn up, as we are likely to be out working on the farm with no mobile phone reception!


We would love to help you get started if you are totally new to looking after chickens and we can provide you with everything you need for your hens to be happy in their new home. We also enjoy catching up with our existing customers!  We make every effort to have happy hens and satisfied customers.

Weeke Farm is registered with DEFRA on the Great Britain Poultry Register.

Call Sarah or Anthony on 01363 82795 or 07765 890998 (call between 8am & 9pm)


Email us on



Open every day of the week and evenings (all by appointment only)

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