Amber Star (Amber/Amber Link) £16 each

Background Amber stars are a Rhode Island based hybrid whose colourings are the opposite to a Goldline. They are excellent layers with a softer feather and therefore look less dishevelled than the rest of the flock during their moult!


Personality Ambers are inqusitive and exceptionally friendly hens. They are very easily tamed making them perfect for first time chicken keepers and families with children. They are adaptable and mix well within a flock.


Appearance They are pretty  champagne coloured hens with rich gingery brown flecks, varying from hen to hen. Many have no coloured flecks at all so please let us know when you contact us if you'd like a flecked one reserved for you.


Eggs: The Amber is a productive egg layer, rewarding her keeper with 280 to 300 brown eggs in her first year of lay.



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