Cockerels at Weeke Farm £10 each

A cockerel really makes a great addition to any flock of hens and will look after them well. With a cockerel in the flock, there will be fewer pecking order squabbles and the cockerel will warn the flock when he thinks they are in danger, for example when a bird of prey flies overhead.


Be aware that cockerels are not just beautiful birds, they can also crow rather loudly, particularly when there is another cockerel in earshot!


With a cockerel heading up the flock, the eggs will be fertile. As long as they are not stored at warm temperatures, the eggs will not grow into chicks and can be used in cooking as you would use any other egg. See the egg pictures below which show the subtle difference between fertile and infertile eggs.


We generally have two or three cockerels in stock but we can take orders for any of the breeds shown below.  Please contact us if you would like a cockerel and we will do have him ready for you within a month. The photos below are of 17 week old cockerels, so they will look more impressive as they grow up!


Our Cockerels are £10 each.


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