Columbian Blacktail (British Black Tail/Red Ranger) £16

Background: Columbian Blackails are hybrids with a Rhode Island Red father and a hybrid mother of two strains of Light Sussex. They are medium sized hardy birds coping well with the heat of the summer and the mud and rain of winter.

Personality: They are friendly, easy to manage and suit a small garden group or a larger free ranging flock. These are a great 'all-rounder' hen. 


Appearance: Columbian Blacktails are similar to Goldlines, chestnut coloured with black tips to their tails and black flashes in their wings. Some also have a black necklace and a pretty lacing on their breast feathers.

Eggs: The Columbian Blacktail is a prolific egg layer, rewarding her keeper with 320 to 340 beautiful brown eggs in her first year of lay.

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