Emerald (Araucana hybrid, Sapphire, blue layer) £25

Background: Emeralds are araucana hybrids. They are a small to medium sized bird.

Personality: They can be quick when they are young but generally not flightly. They are friendly and inquisitive birds. Their gentle temperament means that they mix well within a flock.


Appearance: Emeralds are quirky looking hens and really vary from hen to hen. They are predominantly white or light grey in colour. Many have black, grey or brown splash markings. Their araucana breeding also means that most of them are rumpless (so they have no tail or very little tail), some have ear tufts and/or beard tufts so they really stand out in the flock!

Eggs: The Emerald is an excellent layer, rewarding her keeper with 260 to 280 eggs in her first year of lay. 98% of these hens will lay a blue or green egg. As these birds are hybrids, we cannot absolutely guarantee egg colour.

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