Maran Cuivree (Copper Maran hybrid) £16

Background: The Maran Cuivree is one of Britain's most popular layers of the very best quality darker brown eggs. With tight, silky black, plumage they are ideal for free-range life in the back garden even in the harshest weather.

Personality: These hens make fantastic pets being very sociable in the flock and they also enjoy human company. 

Appearance: Maran Cuivree hens have black feathers with chestnut chest feathers varying considerably from hen to hen. Some hens are nearly completely black and some are very chestnutty on their breast. They are similar in looks to the Rhode Rock but have a more chestnut coloured chest and grey legs.


Eggs:The Maran Cuivree is a productive egg layer, rewarding her keeper with 240 to 260 beautiful darker brown (and often speckled) eggs in her first year of lay. As these birds are hybrids, we cannot guarantee egg colour.

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