Rhode Rock (Bovans Nera/Black Rock) £16 each

Background: The Rhode Rock is a unique strain of Rhode Island Red father and a Barred Plymouth Rock mother. They are popular with smallholders being good foragers and choosing to be outside in all weather.  They are hardy as they have dense feathering and a good strong immune system. They are based upon and very similar to the trademarked Black Rock.

Personality: Rhode Rocks are calm birds making them good as for first time keepers and for keepers with children.

Appearance: With iridescent green black plumage and gold neck and breast markings which varies from hen to hen, the Rhode Rock is a very attractive bird. They are similar to the Maran Cuivree but have pink legs.

Eggs:The Rhode Rock is a prolific egg layer, rewarding her keeper with 290 eggs in her first year of lay.s have an 80% chance of laying a
blue/green egg.

If the hen does lay a blue/green egg then she always will, with the other hens

laying an egg with a pastel coloured shell. Skylines have a slight frame and

are nervous and flighty when they are young, but as they mature they will gain

a fuller figure and gentle temperament. Skyline hybrids will lay approximately

200-220 blue/green or pastel eggs per year


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