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Our hens are highly vaccinated to commercial standard - for more information click here.


We recommend that you preventatively treat your hens for worming and lice and red mites. Prevention is always better than cure as red mites, in particular, are hard to get rid of.


See our help sheets on worming and lice and red mites.


To help protect your hens from bird flu, we sell DEFRA recommended sachets of disinfectant.


Virkon S Disinfectant 50g Sachet (Mix with water to make 5 litres)



Virkon S is a DEFRA approved disinfectant, and is effective against viruses such as those that cause Bird Flu.

Known as the "pink powder formulation" it can be used inside the hen house and on hardstanding areas. It is very easy to mix up and to use.



Smite Organic Mite and Louse Powder with puffer lid 350g



This powder is effective against mites, live, flying and crawling insects.

The formula is safe, odourless and made with natural ingredients. It is also free of chemicals or pesticides, therefore safe around children and animals.


Smite Professional RTU spray 750mL



Fast action powerful biocidal disinfectant which kills micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. Red mite and parasite treatment and disinfectant, effective against mite and parasite eggs. Highly efficient cleaner and super degreasant. Non-toxic does not contain pesticides.


Nutrimin Cider Apple Vinegar 1L (to use diluted)



A totally natural, organic, antibacterial, anti-coccidial anthelmintic and tonic. Increases egg supply, improves feathering and and effective natural wormer.


We sell it with or without added garlic.

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