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We endeavour at all times to be as accurate as we reasonably can in the description of the goods and services that we provide.


Nothing contained within these stated terms affects your statutory rights.


Four Week Health Guarantee


We sell our hens with a four week guarantee against health problems.  We are happy to exchange or replace hens (of the same breed) that appear to be in poor health within this four week period only. If you have concerns about your hens, during this time frame, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to help by giving practical advice or arrange an exchange/replacement. Please note that we will not accept responsibility for any expenses occurred (vetinary or otherwise).  


We cannot extend this guarantee to protect hens against predators, for any hens that escape from their new home or for behavioural problems. Our hens are excellent quality and we will never knowingly sell a poorly hen but we cannot guarantee them for longer than four weeks as:

  1. Any underlying health issues will have presented within two weeks and certainly within this four week period;
  2. We have no control over their living conditions once they move away from our farm;
  3. We have no control over any stress which they may be exposed to once they move away from our farm; and
  4. This four week guarantee is also better for any incoming replacement hen as she will be introduced to the flock while the pecking order amongst the flock is still a little “up in the air”.


Visiting the farm


We are a working farm and farms can be dangerous. We ask that parents keep a very close eye on their children while they are visiting and do not let them explore. Weeke Farm is not a ‘petting farm’ where customers are invited to wander freely.


Weeke Farm is a non-smoking site.


Please keep your dogs in your well ventilated car as we have dogs on the farm too.


Payment for Goods and Services


We do not offer credit. Hens and goods are to be paid for in full prior to them leaving our farm. We accept payment for goods and services by cash or by cheque, when address details are provided.  If you are reserving hens and paying for them in advance then we can also accept payment through paypal or bank transfer (please see below for conditions when reserving hens).


Reserving hens


We work on a "first come first served" basis. However, if you would like to reserve a certain breed of hen but can't collect them within a few days of making the reservation, we will require payment in advance.  If you cannot collect the hens within two weeks of making the reservation then we reserve the right to charge for feed at 50p per week per hen. (Unfortunately, we have had some customers reserve hens but not collect them for over 8 weeks!)

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